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Todd D. Spivey

 Wildlife Biologist - Environmental Engineer - CEO   -   720.556.7781

Todd is a Navy Veteran and earned his degree in Wildlife Biology and Environmental Engineering at the University of Wyoming. Mr. Spivey grew up fishing, hunting, and playing baseball as a young kid. During his Navy career Todd studied engineering and learned about leadership, respect, and teamwork.  Before moving to Colorado, Mr. Spivey lived in Wyoming for almost 15 years. During that time he worked as a fly-fishing guide, a ranch hand, and a wildlife biologist.

Since 1996, Todd has engaged in various projects in the Rocky Mountains related to biology and environmental engineering. Mr. Spivey is focused on 2Dot's growth and development and is dedicated to building partnerships associated with Energy development, Ranch and Agriculture, Transportation, Utilities, and local and federal governments.


Spencer Morrison

Project Manager  - Wildlife Biologist   -   303.726.3181

Spencer is a native of Colorado where he earned is B.S. in Wildlife Biology at Colorado State University.  He is an avid hunter, fisherman, hiker, and outdoorsman. He spends many nights up at his family cabin located just east of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison where he excels at ping pong.

Mr. Morrison is a true leader and a seasoned biologist with over nine years of biological consulting experience. He has experience working on a variety of projects related to wildlife, aquatic biology, and wetland issues. He has performed threatened and endangered species surveys, fish surveys, stream assessment and water quality surveys, raptor surveys, avian nesting surveys, avian point count surveys, burrowing owl protocol surveys, habitat assessment, Waters of the US, wetland investigation and delineation, rare plant surveys, avian and bat mortality surveys, and biological monitoring. 

Stephen Myers

Project Manager  - Wildlife Biologist   -   813.765.8028

Stephen is a native of Pennsylvania, where he grew up on a small cattle farm outside of Altoona. He earned his B.S. in Natural Resource Conservation from the University of Florida and is continuing his education through the University of Florida's to earn his M.S. in Ecological Restoration in 2020. He is an avid fly fisherman and archer and enjoys spending his free time outdoors.

Mr. Myers is a biologist with experience in environmental compliance and permitting for various energy sectors throughout the Rockies. His work is focused on state and federal permitting, NEPA, surface transportation and infrastructure, construction, utilities, and commercial and residential development. He has performed threatened and endangered species surveys, rare plant surveys, fisheries surveys, land use assessments, waters of the US wetland investigations and delineations, wetland monitoring, and water quality assessments. 


Kurt Fleisher

Field Manager - Biologist   -   307.761.5467

Kurt is a Texas native and earned his B.S. at Texas A&M University. Mr. Fleisher moved west in 2016 to earn his M.S. in Rangeland Ecology & Watershed Management at the University of Wyoming. He has a background in wildlife and fisheries sciences, ranch management, and ecological research with an emphasis on reclamation.  He spends his free time outdoors, backpacking, viewing wildlife, and getting lost in the wilderness.  

 Morgan Colacone

ES I - Wildlife Biologist

Morgan Colacone earned her B.S. in Biology and Minor in Environmental Policy from the University of South Florida. She is a biologist with experience in environmental compliance/permitting, water resources, and wildlife/aquatic surveys. She has worked on various projects in the Southeast, as well as in the Rocky Mountain Region performing threatened and endangered species surveys, avian surveys, fisheries surveys/reclamation, and water quality assessments. 

 Erin Bailey

ES II - Wildlife Biologist

Erin Bailey is a native of Maryland and earned her B.S. in Biology from Towson University and her M.S. in Applied Ecology & Conservation Biology from Frostburg State University. She has experience with land management and noxious weed mitigation as well as wildlife, vegetation, and water quality monitoring. Before moving to Colorado in 2018, she spent a year in Utah monitoring the brine shrimp and avian populations that depend on the Great Salt Lake. In her spare time, Erin enjoys hiking and bird watching, riding her bike, and listening to live music.

Shannon Regan

Project Coordinator - GIS Manager - 814.573.1113

Shannon earned her B.S. in Marine Science from Coastal Carolina University and her M.S. in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology from NC State University. She has experience conducting threatened and rare species surveys, invasive plant surveys, monitoring and mapping, stream/lake mapping and monitoring, raptor surveys, and water quality analysis. She is an avid GIS user and has authored and co-authored many technical documents. Her work has been focused in terrestrial, marine, and freshwater environments across Colorado, Utah, the Carolinas, and the Caribbean. When not wandering around the desert in search of rare plants, Shannon can be found mountain biking, hiking, listening to live music, or cooking up something tasty. 

Jesse Carlson

Environmental Specialist II - 253.298.2432

Jesse Carlson is a native of Minnesota and earned his degree in Natural Resources from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Jesse has experience in native landscape restoration and noxious weeds mitigation along the Colorado Front Range. Jesse enjoys fishing, camping, and exploring the National Parks of the West.