Two Dot Consulting is an Environmental and Civil Engineering company based in Denver CO.  Two Dot is a Veteran owned company with office locations in CO, WY, and UT.  Our team works with clients to permit, design, and manage environmental and regulatory compliance for all types of assets.  We believe in a simple and straight forward process of business, energy extraction, and natural resource management.  We share a common belief that environmental compliance and energy development are of great value to our community.

We have a team of 13 full-time professionals and 5 seasonal technical staff. Our offices in CO, WY, and UT are well equipped and will help facilitate all the services below.

Clients we support:

Ranch and Agriculture              Utilities

Energy                                        Local & State governments

Transportation                           Commercial & Industrial

Certifications & training:

Commercial unmanned aerial vehicle DRONE - (UAV) license (FAA Part 107 Registration) 


SafeLand USA Training

H2s Safety training

OSHA Safe driving training/winter travel

MSHA New Minor Training

MSHA Experienced Minor Training

Preble’s Jumping Mouse trapping

Wetland Delineation w/ Emphasis on Soils and Hydrology

Uinta Basin Rare and Listed Plant WEBINAR training

BLM Riparian Training - Proper Functioning Condition (PFC) Assessment training

Lesser Prairie Chicken Surveys (CPW training)

Lesser Prairie Chicken Habitat Analyses (CHAT) training

Greater Sage Grouse DDCT training (WY Game and Fish)

USFS Insect and Disease Training

USFS Hazard Tree Training

White pine blister rust survey methods workshop

Plant Health Care Spray Technician Training

Colorado Native Plant Society Euphorbia ID Training

What we do:


NEPA and FERC Compliance

  • Energy

  • Transportation

  • Utilities

  • Local and State governments

  • Commercial and Industrial


  • Threatened and Endangered wildlife and plant surveys

  • Migratory bird surveys

  • Section 10 permitting

  • Small mammal trapping

  • Bird mist netting and banding

  • Wetland delineation and 404 permitting/Nationwide Permitting

  • Soil testing, amendments, soil/topsoil management

  • Air Quality permitting

  • Water Quality monitoring

  • Fisheries habitat management

  • Essential Fish Habitat

  • Land Use

  • GIS and habitat mapping

  • Visual Resources

  • Cultural Resources

  • Recreation and Tourism

Threatened, Endangered and Special Status Species Surveys:

  • Burrowing Owl Surveys and Relocation

  • Greater Sage-grouse Surveys and Disturbance Analyses (DDCT)

  • Lesser Prairie Chicken Surveys and Habitat Analyses (CHAT)

  • Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse trapping (Permitted with USFWS)

  • Ute Ladies Tresses Orchid

  • Colorado Butterfly Plant

  • Uinta Basin Rare and Listed Plant Surveys

  • Yellow Billed Cuckoo (Permitted with USFWS)

  • Mexican Spotted owl (Permitted with USFWS)

  • Black-footed ferret

  • BLM Rare and Listed Plant Surveys

    • White River Field Office, CO
    • Vernal Field Office, UT
    • Rawlins Field Office, WY
    • Worland Field Office, WY

Water Resource Management

  • Stream restoration

  • Wetland Delineation & Mitigation

  • Wetland Permitting

  • Groundwater Baseline Water Sampling under rules: 609 and 318 (Landowner correspondence, GIS map, Summary of Analytical results)

  • Water well Monitoring and installation

  • Stormwater Inspection/Permitting

Regulatory permitting for Energy, Transportation, Utilities, and Mining

  • Hazardous waste and disposal permits

  • Special use U.S. FWS permits (Section 7 and 10)

  • County, State, and Federal permitting

  • Bald Eagle and Migratory bird permitting and compliance

    • Incidental take

    • Bald Eagle non-purposeful take

  • Wetland (Dredge and Fill) permitting

  • Land use and Environmental planning

On-call Environmental Emergency Response


Water, Soil, and Air Quality management and monitoring

Health and Safety Plans

Reclamation/Mitigation/Monitoring Plans

Wetlands and Uplands:

  • Reclamation plans

  • Reclamation implementation

  • Reclamation monitoring

  • Quantitative Vegetation Monitoring

  • Revegetation Specification Design

  • Reclamation & Bond Release Strategies

  • Vegetation Mapping

  • Baseline Surveys

Cultural Resource Surveys

Database Management

Land-Use Planning