Two Dot staff completed Lesser Prairie Chicken (LPC) Surveys on 26,457 acres of potential habitat in Cheyenne, Kiowa, and Lincoln Counties, Colorado. Because CPW protocol only allowed a 2.5 hour survey window per field day, Two Dot had to mobilize 10 biologists to cover over 400 miles. In the 400 miles biologists conducted on foot surveys for presence/absence of Lesser Prairie Chicken leks, their nests, and signs of activity within 1.25 miles of the proposed development. Two Dot staff surveyed more than 324 LPC listening stations; biologist also surveyed suitable habitat for State and Federal listed species, looked for raptor nest, and denoted habitat types within the project area surveyed. Two Dot is efficient with time, materials, and knowledge and understands how to save money for their clients. In 15 days, Two Dot covered over 400 miles with 10 biologists and without any recordable injuries.