Reclamation, Mitigation, and Monitoring Plans

Two Dot has worked with several BLM offices throughout WY, CO, and UT; all with their own unique approval process. Two Dot is able to generate reclamation objectives, planning, and mitigation services ranging from pre-development, post development, and construction supervision and oversight. Two Dot has managed several contractors involved with earth moving activities, solidification of liquid E & P waste, excavation, and construction oversight. Two Dot has expertise in seeding plans, reclamation, topsoil storage, and short and long term management goals. Two Dot will interface with client and landowner to implement Surface Use Plans and achieve successful mitigation and reclamation results. Two Dot offers the following services:

·         Reclamation Objectives, Reporting, and Data Management

·         Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

·         Site Specific Reclamation Plans

·         Construction Monitoring and Planning

·         Soil Stabilization, Erosion Measures, and Sedimentation Control

·         Best Management Practices

·         Pit Closure Plan

·         Soil Sampling