2Dot - Drone Surveys



A New Point of View

2Dot has a Commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) license (FAA Part 107 Registration) and General Liability Insurance for any project size, anywhere airspace is available. Technological advances improve every day, making UAV a highly valuable tool in geospatial analytics. We can retro-fit any UAV to be quickly and economically configured and customized for many projects.

Data collection using UAVs:

·         Wildlife and Raptor Surveys

·         Preliminary Wetland Surveys

·         GIS Mapping Services

·         Habitat & Land-Use Mapping

·         Aerial Imagery Mapping (High Resolution)

·         Infrared Inspections

·         Large Property (e.g., >620 acres) Environmental Site Assessments

·         Storm Water Management/Monitoring

·         Reclamation Monitoring and Baseline Documentation

·         Visual Surveillance/Monitoring

·         Recreation Use

The use of a UAV flyover of large tracts of land followed by ground truthing of limited areas provides a robust environmental site assessment standards. UAVs also give access to difficult to reach areas and sensitive terrains in a non-destructive manner.

The advantages of using UAVs include:

·         Efficiency for accessing larger and/or more remote areas.

·         Acquisition of large amounts of data in a short period of time, capable of covering hundreds of acres in hours (1acre per 1 minute).


·         Flight plans can be established on a laptop or tablet using GIS coordinates and downloaded to the on-board computer.

·         For accuracy 2Dot UAV flies its flight plan autonomously.

·         UAV data is acquired and reviewed in real time, so data can be verified before leaving site.

·         Data can be stored and retrieved anytime.